Business Games

Are you up for a challenge, whether it’s technical, human or financial? Spend 24 or 48 hours taking part in one of our business games and share our taste for a challenge!

For you, participating in one of our business games can be an unusual way of finding out much more about the real issues that are at stake in the construction industry, meeting our teams and having the experience of a memorable adventure as part of an ambitious project. For us, it’s a great opportunity to share our taste for a group challenge with you… and to give you an appetite to come and work with us!

Choose your challenge

Depending on your level of studies, Bouygues Construction and its subsidiaries have several challenges for you.

  • If you’re a student at a vocational high school, take part in the Site Worker Challenge.
  • If you’re preparing a first professional qualification, the Supervisor Challenge and the Young Constructors Trophy are designed for you!
  • If you’re studying at an engineering school or a business school, or are doing a Masters, you’re spoiled for choice! Not only is there the Bouygues Construction Challenge.


The Bouygues Construction Challenge

The Bouygues Construction Challenge is a unique business game of its type. Each year, more than 60 postgraduate students form multidisciplinary teams to compete in teambuilding activities based on a case study involving project finance, commercial strategy, energy performance, and planning and organising site work.

And for 48 hours, they’re cut off from the rest of the world!