Develop through internal mobility

Internal mobility is one of the pillars of our corporate culture. Thanks to the many opportunities you will find in the Group, you can construct your own rewarding and varied career path.

Whether it is in order to take on wider responsibilities, to change professions, to move to another part of the world, or to take advantage of transfers between building, civil work and energies & services… Every year, more than 2,000 of our employees change their post or their profession internally. Why not you?

Take control of your career!

It can be initiated by the company or by the employee, but internal mobility is created and takes shape through opportunities, encounters and a shared commitment! Be curious, don’t hesitate to take the lead and join in innovative initiatives like the “live my life” days or the forums organised by our entities.

The right opportunity

Our profession-based organisation encourages dialogue and contact. There are plenty of opportunities for you to develop your network, get to know our projects better and take advantage of any potential openings that are available. In parallel, using the Mobility intranet portal, you can see all the new job offers available in our subsidiaries. More than 300 offers can be consulted every month!

We’ll support you

You will find the rules and regulations covering internal mobility along with lots of other practical information on our Mobility portal. If your project entails a geographical move, we have a support system that will provide you with help in dealing with both professional and personal issues. If it’s an international move, then along with the expatriation package an information day called Day One is organised to prepare your departure, whether you’re going alone or with your whole family.