Objectif : 1 000 alternants au sein de nos équipes en 2019 !
À la recherche d'un stage ou d'une alternance ?
Nous sommes certifiés Top Employer 2019 !

Pour la troisième année consécutive ! Une distinction, étendue à l'Europe, qui vient récompenser nos efforts en faveur du développement professionnel mais aussi tous nos collaborateurs qui portent chaque jour nos valeurs. Bravo à eux !

INTERNational Program - Promo 5
Graduate Program
Promo 5: Everything is great here!

A few months ago, those taking part in the 5th edition of the INTERNational Programme flew off to their allocated projects. Having each found their bearings in their own way, they are now fully immersed in their missions! Judge for yourselves.

BIM : Will you be part of the revolution?

On 28 and 29 March, Paris is hosting the 4th BIM World and Bouygues Construction will once again be a partner of the event. During the conference, Christophe Moreau, Business Modernisation Director, will provide his insight regarding this strategic challenge for the construction and civil engineering sector and offer some advice for joining the revolution!

And Why not You ?
And Why not You?

To mark International Women’s Day, Bouygues Construction is highlighting the testimonies of 8 women members of staff impassioned by their trade and the challenges they meet on a day to day basis. Do you want to find an outlet to your enthusiasm too?

Bouygues Cuba
Production, when you have a hold on us with Stéphane

On a global scale, Bouygues Bâtiment International is facing up to huge Production challenges. There may be different backdrops, but the conductor never changes – the Project Director, a real cornerstone of the company organization. Discover this job and its missions with Stéphane Grandperret, Project Director in Cuba.

INTERNational Program : discover Juliette'missions from Promo 4 !

In March 2017, Juliette has been selected to be part of the Promo 4 of the INTERNational Program. Her adventure at Hinckley Point continues. En mars 2017, Juliette a été sélectionnée pour faire partie de la Promo 4 de l'INTERNational Program. Find out more about her missions...

IP Adrien Bouygues Construction
Graduate Program
INTERNational Program : In Qatar, Adrien has made his mark - by digging deep!

In March 2016, Adrien was selected to be part of Promo 3 of the INTERNational Program, joining the IDRIS Tunnel project in Qatar, a move that was to mark the beginning of a superb adventure and quench his thirst for challenges and international experiences - and which is still continuing today !

IP Ilona Bouygues Construction
Graduate Program
INTERNational Program: What’s become of Ilona from Promo 2?

In 2015, Ilona was selected to be part of Year 2 of the IP. Her destination – the St Martin island power plant. A one-off experience which gave her the taste for Bouygues Energies & Services power generation projects and mobility...