Beatriz thinks being involved is giving it her all, in her professional as in her personal life.

Being involved means giving it my all to attain my goal.

My greatest challenge was coming to Paris. I was born in Portugal, my family and friends are there. I came to France for my studies. The first year, it was quite hard to adapt.

To overcome this, I joined a football club. It let me meet people and have a social life here. I train twice a week and on Saturdays, there is a match. Being in this club also let me see other club’s matches and support them.

As a works supervisor, I have to manage the whole project, from admin to project management. I have to give 100%.

I am now working on housing and offices blocks. It is very technical, so I have to give my all and anticipate every detail.

I am Involved and I work for Bouygues Construction.