Course Marathon: pre-qualify yourself!

Course Marathon: pre-qualify yourself!

For the second year, Bouygues Construction is embarking on its Tour of France, proposing 500 pre-hiring courses! Pre-qualify yourself before 5 November. Information on the operation is just 2 scrolls away…

Course Marathon Bouygues Constructin 2017

On the programme of this new Marathon :

• 13/11: Orléans & Bordeaux

• 14/11: Lyon

• 15/11: Nantes

• 16/11: Strasbourg

• 17/11: Lille

• 20/11 : Paris


Do you want to take part? Couldn’t be easier! 

To pre-qualify, you must first fill in the form here
(it just takes 2 minutes), enclose your CV and explain why you want to undergo the Bouygues Construction experience. Note that registrations end on 5 November in the evening for all cities!


How will things be scheduled?

If you are selected:

• You will receive an e-mail 4 days prior to the date for the chosen city.

• If you are selected, we will propose an appointment for you.

•  After the interview, you will have an answer.

Don’t miss out on this chance to attend your pre-hiring course!


They did it last year

"It was a very interesting event, particularly the case study during the group interview which was highly interactive. What’s more, I appreciated a lot the fact that we had an answer directly afterwards."
Anas, today at Bouygues Travaux Publics

"I thought the idea for the format was very interesting."
Zoé, today at Linkcity Ile-de-France

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