INTERNational Program : discover Juliette'missions from Promo 4 !

INTERNational Program : discover Juliette'missions from Promo 4 !

In March 2017, Juliette has been selected to be part of the Promo 4 of the INTERNational Program. Her adventure at Hinckley Point continues. En mars 2017, Juliette a été sélectionnée pour faire partie de la Promo 4 de l'INTERNational Program. Find out more about her missions...

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"My missions are dense et varied. We are at the beginning of the project, there is a lot to do !"


For the last 6 months, I've been working as part of the Design and Engineering team on the design of the Emergency Diesel Generator (EDG) for the Hinckley Point C nuclear plant. Bouygues Energies & Services is working for NNB (a subsidiary of EDF) on this project as integrator. We're producing a design and finding the right suppliers to work with us in achieving the highest possible level of nuclear safety.

My missions are very dense and varied, as we are at the beginning of the project and there is much to do. Mainly, I coordinate with subcontractors and consultants that work along with us to produce technical documentation; I work with the rest of the team to review all aspects of the design and ensure consistency across all documentation we submit to our Client; and I manage the interface between design and procurement activities to ensure that we provide potential suppliers with robust input data.