INTERNational Program : Promo 1 testifies!

Graduate Program
INTERNational Program : Promo 1 testifies!

Travelling all over the globe to work at our different sites is the promise offered by the INTERNational Program (IP). This year, you have until 26 November to apply. Meanwhile here are the testimonials of four youngsters from the Promo 1.

Graduate Program - International Program

They were looking for an enriching international experience which would be beneficial for their careers. By joining the IP, they chose the guarantee of a personalized career guidance and an almost certain job offer after their intership or international voluntary posting (VIE) in one of the many countries in which Bouygues Construction is established. The alumni of the program are now constantly on the move, changing job and country very often on a regular basis.

Martin, Adam, Marina and Nicolas, all of whom participated in the Promo 1, tell us about their world tour.



"Three years with Bouygues Construction took me to the middle of the desert in Turkmenistan where the temperature reaches 50°C in summer, saw me living the American dream in Miami, and allowed me to admire the magical northern lights and infinite force of the ice caps and experience winter temperatures of -50°C in the North Pole! But it also taught me to live, work and share with Turkmens, Russians, Indians, Latinos, Canadians, Inuit, and peoples from all over the world who teach us more than we could hope to learn in a lifetime! At the moment I am learning Spanish before heading off to Havana in a few days’ time!"



"I joined the INTERNational Program in its first year for a VIE posting at the construction site of the National Oncology Centre in Trinity and Tobago in 2014. After that I participated in the renovation of the Hyatt Regency Trinidad and Tobago, from the pre-construction phase right through to the final delivery. I recently joined the pre-construction team in Miami for an assignment of a couple of months to prepare a special project in the Bahamas, the development of an island called the Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve."



"After a one-year internship at VSL Hong Kong on the construction site of the HK-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, I came back to this entity in May 2016 for a one-year VIE posting, working on the Boundary Crossing Facilities - Roof Erection Project. I was then hired by the company and continued to work on the project up until this summer. I am now looking at other assignments here in Hong Kong. My integration within the team in Hong Kong was a success, with stimulating assignments and welcoming colleagues. It only took a few weeks for me to feel at home."



"My first assignment as part of the IP took place in Turkmenistan as cost controller on the Ashgabat International University project. At the beginning of 2015 I was transferred to London to work at Linkcity UK. I have just been promoted and now supervise accounts and budgets for the entire overseas entity."