INTERNational Program: What’s become of Ilona from Promo 2?

Graduate Program
INTERNational Program: What’s become of Ilona from Promo 2?

In 2015, Ilona was selected to be part of Year 2 of the IP. Her destination – the St Martin island power plant. A one-off experience which gave her the taste for Bouygues Energies & Services power generation projects and mobility...


" It's been 2 years, 9 months and 10 days
now that, thanks to the IP, I've been enjoying
a great adventure at Bouygues Energies &
Services in the Power Generation Division.
In almost 3 years, I had the chance to work
on 3 different missions


1. The first one, as Works Engineer in the mechanical part on the construction site for the St Martin power plant, a mission which confirmed my passion for the field and above all become familiar with the working atmosphere at an international level.


2. Then, my managers entrusted me with the position of Commissioning Engineer. Accustomed to the little island of St Martin, I accepted and took up the challenge to start up the 24-MW production unit with a new team espcially put together for this phase. This helped me develop my technical knowledge, gain confidence, take initiatives and set up training programmes for the client. In a few mounths, I was also able to really take in the importance of my missioni construction. This experience helped me completely spread my wings !


3. Since August 2016, I change country and am now on mission in Gibraltar. A little bit of England on the southern tip of Europe. This has been a formative mission since I joined a larger team in a bigger construction project (80-MW production plant this time !). I went from verifying studies to purchasing, testing equipment in-works, supply-chain transport, installation, construction and conservation of equipment up to commissioning.

I’ve been able to travel to 3 different countries, work in collaboration with 14 different suppliers, as well as with French, Spanish, Portuguese and German subcontractors with a view to satisfying a client in line with UK standards.


What I have to say to Promo 5 candidates : with the IP, Bouygues Construction is opening a door which could help open even more !