Production, when you have a hold on us ! With Benoit

Production, when you have a hold on us ! With Benoit

All around the world, Bouygues Construction is facing huge Production challenges. Although backdrops vary, we got the same orchestra conductor in each of our projects: our Project Directors, who are the mainstays of our companies. Benoît Longuet is one of them. After a training at Rennes' INSA in France, he has assumed the role of Project Director for Ghana’s Ridge Hospital worksite since 2013.

Tell us about your beginnings in the Group.

After training at Rennes’ INSA, I began my career as a Site Engineer at Bouygues Bâtiment Ile de France - Habitat Social. In 2008, Bouygues Batiment International offered me a promotion to Project Director. Essaouira was my first experience abroad. Then I spent 3 years in Equatorial Guinea on the BEAC project. At the end of 2013, I took off for Accra in Ghana where the Ridge Hospital extension contract had just been signed.

What experience did you gain from this first Bouygues Batiment International contract in Ghana?

It was a superb adventure. When we arrived 3 years ago to start the works, nothing had been set up. When it’s a first worksite in a region, trivial matters such as declaring the construction site, installing offices or connecting utilities take on a different aspect. We had to mobilise people, accommodate them, coordinate their movements and of course develop a new programme for conveying materials. Setting up a worksite of such a size is a real enterprise. Teamwork, the satisfaction of seeing the project being built, going from 3D to reality – the sense of excitement is still intact.

After 3 years in Ghana, how do you view the country?

Today, the region is dynamic and Ghana is a quiet country compared to some of its neighbours. The country has potential. It is particularly attractive in terms of human resources. The 2nd phase of works at the Ridge Hospital which should begin in 2017 represents more than just good prospects in the country, it also opens up a promising future throughout the region where Bouygues Construction's expertise and know-how are a genuine asset when it comes to differentiation.