Land surveyor / Topographer M/F

Land surveyor / Topographer M/F

Places structures and buildings in their environment.

Christian, survey technician
People often say that a building site starts with the earthworks. But if you ask me, earthworks start with surveying! Everything begins starts with a set of drawings that you have to transpose on the ground and follow through until the project is completed. You are totally integrated in the life of the building site, and you are trusted by the construction teams to help out with technical difficulties they encounter.

With responsibility for one or more sites, you collaborate closely with the Works team. You carry out the preparatory work on development and construction projects. You perform the land surveys that make it possible to accurately site a variety of structures (transport infrastructures, civil engineering structures, drainage networks, earthworks). You may work in France or in other countries.

Your main duties

  • Geodesic operations (planimetric and altimetric surveying)
  • Locating and siting the structure or building on the basis of land registry documents and surveying the characteristic points of the terrain
  • Drawing up of layout plans, then setting out the buildings and structures in their setting
  • Verification of the compliance of buildings and structures, and production of a final survey of the completed project

Your future path

Development as a Draughtsman.

Possible transfer to a Technical career.

Your profile

You have trained as a technician or an engineer in surveying and topography and you are good at analysing, synthesising and writing. You are meticulous, autonomous and mobile.