Maintenance technician M/F

Operation, maintenance & services
Maintenance technician M/F
Operation, maintenance & services

Maintains multi-technical installations on a site.

Sullivan, maintenance technician
It was thanks to internal promotion and a training programme in HVAC and electricity that I was able to become a maintenance technician. Each day, I can’t wait to find out what type of breakdowns I’m going to have to deal with. For me, looking for solutions to put things right is very rewarding and exciting. With new technologies, I never stop learning and making progress!

As the representative of the company for a service-sector or industrial customer, you are responsible for guaranteeing that all operations (commissioning, operations and maintenance) will run correctly in one or more fields : electricity, heating, air-conditioning, cooling, plumbing, computerised maintenance management and all the architectural trades.

Your main duties

  • Direct servicing of installations and team-work with all on-site technicians
  • Reporting and trouble-shooting dangerous situations and proposals to improve safety
  • Representing the company to customers, suppliers and subcontractors
  • Customer satisfaction

Your career path

Expert technician, Deputy site manager, Site manager, Energy project manager.

Possible transfers to engineering studies.

Your profile

You have technical training in electro-mechanical, HVAC or electrical engineering, you show a keen sense of service, combining diplomacy and trouble-shooting skills, to ensure both preventive and curative maintenance of a site.