Network technician M/F

Construction - Qualified craftsman & workmanship
Network technician M/F
Construction - Qualified craftsman & workmanship

Produces both dry and wet networks.

Clément, network technician
When there were power cuts when I was young, I already realised that you can’t do much without electricity! Being an electrician, I have a useful profession, and it’s a profession with a future. The thing I like doing best is tracing faults in street lighting, installing energy-savings networks and safety systems that everyone benefits from, and the chance to work in some wonderful locations… especially when you get to see them from the top of a cherry-picker!

Your main duties

Working for the Works Supervisor, you lay, connect and extend electrical networks (high, low and medium voltage), both overhead and underground, as well as water and drainage networks. You are vigilant about following quality and safety procedures in all your work.

Your future path

Foreman, Site manager, Master builder, Works supervisor.

Transfers to a technical career, Draughtsman.

Your profile

You have a vocational high-school qualification, you are highly skilled in your field, you enjoy being versatile and like working outdoors.