Tracer M/F

Construction - Qualified craftsman & workmanship
Tracer M/F
Construction - Qualified craftsman & workmanship

Defines reference lines on the construction site.

Hélène, tracer
When you’re a tracer you play a pivotal part, I’m between the site manager, the workers and the foremen. Mon role is to plot out 2-D and 3-D plans on the ground. I chose this profession so that I could keep changing between sites and projects, because I enjoy working in a team, for the pleasure of building and to be able to see the results of my work.

Your main duties

You trace out walls, floors, doors and windows on the basis of working drawings and technical indications. You have an overall vision of the construction works.

Your future path

Metal form setter, Formwork carpenter, Steel fixer, Foreman, Site manager.

Transfers to a technical career, Draughtsman, Land surveyor.

Your profile

You have a vocational high-school qualification, you are highly autonomous, you are very good at reading technical drawings and you enjoy working outdoors. So come and join us!