Works manager, major building projects M/F

Works manager, major building projects M/F

Helps to ensure the success of a very large-scale project.

Philippe, works manager, major projects
Managing a project worth several hundred thousand euros is a heavy responsibility but a source of pride. It’s like standing at the helm of an aircraft carrier, with a good crew behind me, and guiding it into a safe harbour. A large construction site is first and foremost a human adventure. I am currently managing the construction of a large hospital complex, and I feel as though I have taken on a “public service” mission. I’m always moved when I see people using a building I have constructed. That’s particularly true of the Stade de France, even after all these years!

You have overall responsibility for a major building project, in terms of scale and complexity, and you are the “go-to person” for both the customer and the company’s senior management.

As an experienced professional, you direct all the key phases of your project, from the preparation stage (in conjunction with the sales and technical teams) through until handover.

Your main duties

  • Develop good, lasting relations with your customer and the stakeholders
  • Guarantee that internal procedures, the schedule and the quality of works are all adhered to
  • Control and manage the various risks associated with your operation (technical, legal, financial, environmental)
  • Manage an expanded and multi-skilled works team
  • Direct the tracking of the budget of your operation with the aim of ensuring budgetary control and financial optimisation

You will also be responsible for ensuring that health and safety regulations are respected and that the targets set for your project in terms of the environmental and social aspects of sustainability are met.

Your future path

Works Director, Operations Director, Profit Centre Manager

Your profile

You have solid and proven experience of all-trades works and you have previously headed up large and/or multi-site operations. You are a seasoned professional, able to take responsibility and develop a global and strategic vision of your operation. Your managerial skills combined with your excellent customer relations will be vital in successfully carrying out your operation and uniting your multi-disciplinary teams.