Works manager, major civil works projects

Works manager, major civil works projects

Helps to ensure the success of a very large-scale project.

Rémy, works manager, major projects
I chose this profession as a way of discovering different countries and different cultures, and of making a modest contribution to constructing vast infrastructure projects and improving local living conditions. Beyond all the technical challenges that attract me, I have to mobilise and unite teams around a single project and a single goal, and it’s exhilarating!

You work in the civil works sector in a given geographical region, and are responsible for a verge large-scale operation (engineering structures, road or rail infrastructures, civil engineering, dams, ports) with a strong technical dimension.
You are the “go-to person” for the customer, the company’s senior management and the subcontractors working on your site.

As an experienced professional, you direct all the key phases of your project, from the preparation stage (in conjunction with the sales and technical teams) through until handover.

Your main duties

  • Develop good, lasting relations with your customer and the stakeholders
  • Guarantee that internal procedures, the schedule and the quality of works are all adhered to
  • Control and manage the various risks associated with your operation (technical, legal, financial, environmental)
  • Manage an expanded, multi-skilled and often multicultural works team
  • Direct the tracking of the budget of your operation with the aim of ensuring budgetary control and financial optimisation

You will also be responsible for ensuring that health and safety regulations are respected and that the targets set for your project in terms of the environmental and social aspects of sustainability are met.

Your future path

Site manager or packages with high technical added value

Transfers to careers in Financial Control, Sales

Your profile

You have solid and proven experience of works and you have previously headed up large and/or multi-site operations.
Reliability and anticipation will be essential qualities in this post. You play a leadership role and have good people skills. You are capable of taking responsibility, you like teamwork and you value dialogue.