Works supervisor (civil works) M/F

Works supervisor (civil works) M/F

Carries out contracts under optimal conditions.

Coralie, site engineer
My work allows me both to dream and to share my dreams with others: technical challenges, breaking records… and construction is leaving one’s mark! I feel I’m doing something useful when I build a bridge or a motorway which shortens transport time for a user and encourages the economic development of a region. On construction sites, I do a wide variety of things and enjoy a lot of autonomy on very different projects. It’s a new experience every time!

You are the “go-to person” for the customer, the company’s senior management and the subcontractors, either for the entire contract on small operations or for the package for which you are responsible. You will be working in the civil works sector, in France or in other countries, on a varied range of operations (bridges, road and rail structures, civil engineering, underground networks, dams ports) with a high degree of technical complexity.

Your main duties

  • Ensure that the contract is being carried out correctly, according to technical and architectural specifications
  • Guarantee the financial profitability of the operation, meeting the requirements of schedules, quality, safety and cost as well as possible, and being capable of making suggestions to optimise the works being carried out under your responsibility
  • Coordinate the various contributors on the site and, depending on the size of the project, maintain relations with the customer and the various stakeholders

Your duties will vary according to the size, the state of progress and the technical complexity of the project. You may be involved in the preliminary stages (physical installation of the site, definition of working methods and procedures, appointing suppliers), during construction (supervision and coordination of works, enforcing health and safety runes, budget control) and the completion/handover phase (correction of defects and completion of outstanding works).

Your career path

Site manager or manager of high technical value in France or in other countries.

Management of a team of site supervisors.

Your profile

You have a 2- or 3- year undergraduate qualification or you hold a Masters or a diploma from an engineering school, you are enterprising, passionate about the technical complexity of our structures and you want to work at the very heart of production. You are accessible and mobile, and you are good at combining a meticulous attitude with the people skills needed for a Works team to operate smoothly.