Three steps to recruitment

At Bouygues Construction, there are 3 stages to recruiting you.

1. Handling your application

All the applications that we receive are examined by our Human Resources managers. If your application appears to match our current or future needs, you will be contacted for a first meeting. If this doesn’t happen, we will keep your application alive for a year, in view of the possibility of new opportunities.

2. Getting to know you

You will meet an HR manager for an initial meeeting and a discussion of your studies and experience, your profile and your career plans. It is an opportunity to give you a presentation of Bouygues Construction and its professions, and more specifically the job offer for which you have applied or which could suit you.
If this interview goes well, from your point of view as well as ours, the recruitment process will continue.

3. Making the decision

You will next be seen by an operational manager to assess your aptitude to do the job we are envisaging for you in view of your professional skills. Following this phase, the HR manager and operational manager make a joint decision.
If this is positive, you will receive an offer of employment. When this is signed, the recruitment manager will re-contact you to explain the practical details of your arrival to you and to prepare your integration.


There are several ways to apply for one of our job offers:
• fill in our online application form
• visit our LinkedIn or Viadeo page
• contact our recruitment team
• come and meet us at a careers forum