Keep learning and growing

Is your personal development a priority for you? It certainly is for us! At Bouygues Construction, we will give you support and training throughout your career.

Around 5% of the annual payroll is spent on training and more than 900,000 hours of training are carried out every year, so training is an everyday reality for all our employees.

Our long-term training policy has the twin objectives of both enhancing your employability and skills and preparing you to meet new challenges. In conjunction with your HR manager and your line manager, you will create your own personal training programme, customised for your needs:

  • in the short term, corresponding to your current duties or post,
  • 2 or 3 years ahead, to prepare for the next stage of your career.

An in-house university

Over and above all the technical training programmes that are provided in each specific professional area, the Group has for several years invested in developing its employees’ behavioural and managerial skills. This is mostly done through a hundred or so training programmes developed by Bouygues Construction University, our in-house institute, including training for young managers, project directors, sales teams, property developers, etc.

Apprentices, step this way!

Would you like to combine work and training in a way that will let you become part of the company more quickly and put your knowledge into practice? Every year, Bouygues Construction takes on more than 800 young people on work/study contracts. You will find all the information you need in the Students section of this site.

Trainers welcome

Do you have a particular skill? If so, would you like the chance to transfer it to others? Bouygues Construction will give you the flexibility and resources you need to develop yourself as a trainer, operating either in-house or for the benefit of engineering schools and business schools with which we are associated. More than 500 of our employees do this.