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The main site is located to the West of London (Underground Station on Metropolitan Line = Rickmansworth WD3 9XN).
Bouygues Travaux Publics is in partnership with 2 local companies to deliver 21.6km of high-speed rail infrastructure for the British department for Transport (HS2 C1 civil works contract): 3.37km viaduct and 16.04km twin-bored tunnel. In total 2,400+ people on site.
Assisting the site engineers in the daily tasks to ensure the work on site is carried out safely as per approved method drawings and RAMS. Ensuring quality of the work as per approved “for construction” design and ITP. Be on time and attend the daily briefing with the site team. Plan daily activity and provide the teams with all necessary drawings, documents, setting out to allow work to progress without any stoppage.

Preparation of the work
• Read and assimilate all design drawings, RAMS, method drawings, material TDS and all relevant documents for the cross-passage construction. If necessary, ask questions.
• Ensure all workers are briefed on relevant RAMS and task brief before starting work. If not, you must provide the briefing and keep signature sheet in H&S folder.
• Ensure all permits are in place (working on invert, hot works,…) if required
• Ensure setting out is carried out before workers are mobilized to the task
• Check stock of consumables to be used in the next 3 weeks as per programme and alert section engineer or manager if need re-ordering
• Check delivery on site with delivery note such as reinforcement, formwork items, …

Production tasks
• Be on site with the teams to continuously check the work and provide guidance to foreman
• Monitor progress on site and fill up correctly documents such as check sheet and production reports provided by section engineer daily
• Be proactive by always trying to find a way to improve our work on site, propose ideas to management, participate in lesson learnt meetings
Weekly tasks
• Assist the shift engineer in producing the relevant document
• Assist on section engineer’s tasks while they are off site or overloaded

Daily Tasks
• Assist the shift engineer in producing the relevant document for shift review group
• Attend and participate to the daily briefing with the site team to provide all necessary information for the shift (concrete time, quality checks, risks associated, drawings,….)
• Confirm concrete time to the section engineer
• Raise hold point inspection, attend quality inspection and fill paperwork daily.
• Create and maintain up to date the quality folders with all the records to ensure quality team can complete the work inspection record (WIR)
• Setting out, controls and monitoring when required
• Always check working area is clear, organised, safe and tell pit boss of any immediate actions required to carry out the work safely.
• Stop immediately any work that is not as per approved RAMS or task briefing
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Bouygues Bâtiment International est à la recherche d’un(e) Contrôleur de gestion afin d’apporter un appui au CFO de notre succursale sur le contrôle financier et reporting d’un projet de construction, basé à Athènes, en Gréce.

Le poste consistera à suivre les tâches relatives au contrôle budgétaire du projet de construction telles que :
o   Préparer les arrêtés de comptes mensuels et annuels et participer aux réunions avec les opérationnels sur le projet ;
o   Suivre la trésorerie du périmètre (restant dû client…) ;
o   Suivre les contrôles budgétaires des affaires en lien avec les opérationnels et la Direction ;
o   Assurer le suivi de certaines dépenses (suivi des frais généraux, commandes, SAV …) ;
o   Participer à l’exercice budgétaire du projet : prévisions d’activité et de résultat ;
o   Veiller au bon respect des procédures internes ;
o   Analyser les écarts par rapport aux coûts réels.

En complément de ces missions opérationnelles, vous serez amené(e) à contribuer à différents projets en fonction de l’évolution de l’activité et des besoins internes.
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Bouygues Travaux Publics is seeking a VIE to work for a new metro line 430 metres long, 20 metres wide and 25 metres deep. The station is being built using the "Top Down" construction method, incorporating diaphragm walls and permanent slabs. The project also includes the construction of two 7-metre diameter, 770-metre long tunnels. Other key structures in the project include a launch shaft, an auxiliary building and a connection to the existing Tung Chung station. The project is characterised by its location in a public/residential area and faces the challenge of variable geology, including sections that require underwater tunnelling, which adds complexity to the engineering and construction efforts.

Your missions will be :
1) Facilitating communication and coordination with Design Consultants to ensure that all design aspects are aligned with the project's goals and comply with regulatory requirements.
2) Collaborating closely with other technical teams (Methods, Geotechnical, Programme, Risks) to ensure a holistic approach to the project's technical challenges and opportunities.
3) Engaging with the Production team and Specialist Subcontractors to ensure that designs are practically implementable and meet the project's quality and performance criteria.
4) Managing the lifecycle of Design Submissions, from initial submission through Responses to Comments and ultimately securing necessary Approvals.
5) Handling Field Change Requests related to design, assessing their impact on the project's schedule, cost, and quality, and implementing appropriate adjustments.
6) The role offers a career progression opportunity, with a potential transition to the Methods team after gaining sufficient experience and demonstrating competency in the initial role.
Hong Kong
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Bouygues Travaux Publics is a leading force in the construction industry, currently managing significant projects at Hinkley and HS2, with a dedicated workforce of 1,000 professionals.
Key Responsibilities:
1) Accounting Interface: Manage the shared resource center for transactional finance, ensuring all financial operations comply with company standards and supervising activities to meet accounting deadlines. Oversee the accuracy of the financial data within our ERP SAP system and ensure that all invoicing is conducted through the appropriate accounting procedures.

2) Cost Control: Direct the management of Semi-Direct Production Costs (CSDP) with a team of two, overseeing the expenditures of the CRP BY UK division, including Payroll, Accounting, and Fiscal responsibilities. Maintain efficient cost breakdown files and ensure timely execution of tasks.

3) Commercial Management: Lead a small team, manage ongoing tender expenses, third-party costs, and monitor overall cost control with less than 10 collaborators. Maintain comprehensive and efficient cost files and ensure adherence to financial protocols.

4) Internal Account Management: Allocate expenses across various Cost Centers, including payroll, expense reports, vehicles, and IT costs. Perform monthly re-invoicing @ cost to Joint Ventures (JV) and ensure monthly closing with exhaustive expense checks. Regularly update and monitor the internal account budget control for ongoing projects, maintaining stringent financial oversight.

5) Project Management: Coordinate the deployment of engineering staff for the study phase, establish and communicate monthly invoicing to clients, and update re-invoicing rates biannually in alignment with remuneration reviews. Manage and communicate monthly labor allocation files to clients.
The Nightingale School, 2 Lambeth Palace Rd, London SE1 7EP, Royaume-Uni
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VSL International specialises in post-tensioned and cable-stayed structures, foundations and soil engineering. VSL contributes to the design and construction of major engineering structures, and maintains, repairs and improves all structural systems to ensure safety and durability.
We operate in 25 countries across 4 regions.
We have 4 key areas of expertise : 
Technologies for sustainable structures to ensure the development and constant improvement of our portfolio of in-house technologies, including post-tensioning systems, stay-cables, ground anchors and vsol systems for retained-earth walls.
Civil works to help our clienst with construction design and méthods, and we provide operational skills for specific applications such as bridge decks erection, containment structures and heavy lifting.
Specialising in special foundations and civil engineering thanks to our long experience in design and construction.
Asset preservation, structural repairs and modernisation:
We offer services tailored to suit the  structure's life cycle, from inspections and assessment through to repair works and upgrading.
To find out more about our company :
In Hong Kong, the CWBL (Civil Works Business Line) of VSL has a department set up to coordinate the major equipment in VSL.
The key tasks are the following:
- Fabricate major equipment and other temporary works for projects, PCs and external clients.
- Follow the fabrication works and make sure the stringent quality requirements are adhered to at all times.
- Arrange, if required, the transport of such major temporary works from the fabrication yard to site or from site to site in case of re-use of such equipment.
- Coordinate and manage the equipment pool for major equipment and make available information for these equipments.
Major equipment for bridge construction includes:
            // Launching gantries
            // Lifting frames
            // Form Travellers
            // Casting cells
Hong Kong
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The main site is located to the West of London (Underground Station on Metropolitan Line = Rickmansworth WD3 9XN).
Bouygues Travaux Publics is in partnership with 2 local companies to deliver 21.6km of high-speed rail infrastructure for the British department for Transport (HS2 C1 civil works contract): 3.37km viaduct and 16.04km twin-bored tunnel. In total 2,400+ people on site.
Based at the main office, you will assist the project financial controller in participating in all activities of the finance department including the management of accounting, auditing and budgeting within our organization.
The missions include :

Monthly closures process:
- preparing financial statements
- managing sitewide accounts
- assisting with preparations for audits
Biannual budgets review:
- assisting in budgeting and forecasting with budget owners
- reporting
Ad-hoc request and studies:
- perform transversal tasks and analysis
- advise on possible actions to improve the project financial performance
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At Bouygues Construction Australia, we’re dedicated to the design, construction, finance and delivery of innovative projects across civil infrastructure, buildings and energy & services.
As members of the Bouygues Construction group, a global network of more than 50,000 people working in over 80 countries, we’ve been working in Australia for more than 25 years. We've delivered many successful projects to date, including the Sydney Airport Link (T2 Airport Line), NorthConnex or WestConnex 3A.
We are seeking a HSE Coordinator to join our dynamic team at Culcairn Solar Farm in New South Wales.
As a site engineer in Bouygues Construction Australia, you will play a role in ensuring the success of the Culcairn Solar Farm – the biggest solar farm ever contracted by BYCA.
To support the site HSE Manager in the development and implementation of health, safety and environment within the project, in accordance with the BYCA company management system and ISO qualifications.
Here are the key responsibilities that await you:
Support HSE Manager
o Collaborate with the HSE Manager in implementing the BYCA HSE Strategy and Agenda on-site.
o Contribute to the delivery of strategic programs, training, and behavioral Initiatives.
o Assist with the day-to-day implementation of the HSE Management System and improvement initiatives.
o Mentor, Support, and provide guidance to the construction delivery team in the application of the HSE Management System.
Performance, certifications, and data
o Assist in the preparation of HSE Performance Reports.
o Maintain and administer the HSE Reporting Application, inclusive of entering critical data, incidence, generating reports and monitoring performance data.
o Assist with trend and analysis HSE lead performance indicators and KPI’s inclusive of incident non conformances corrective actions.
o Assist the HSE Manager in the Maintenance of ISO 45001, ISO 140001, and Federal Safety Commission Accreditation.
Demonstrate Safety as a core value and demonstrate positive safety behaviors when engaging with all persons when representing BYCA.
Alignment with Bouygues Construction Australia’s values:
A demand for success
Listening to and satisfying the customer
An enterprising and professional approach
Courage and truth
A sense of common interest and solidarity
Respect for people and for commitments
Based in Culcairn.
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Au sein de notre Direction Suisse Romande et de nos bureaux de PLAN LES OUATES, en tant que Contrôleur Financier, vous êtes en charge du contrôle de gestion de plusieurs chantiers de l’Agence de GENEVE.
Vos principales missions sont :
Fiabiliser les Contrôles Budgétaires chantier et le prévisionnel
Suivi du processus sous-traitant
Suivi de la facturation et des encaissements client
Garant des procédures
Elaborations des plans et actualisations, des arrêtés mensuels et trimestriels
Lancement administratifs des chantiers
Formations des opérationnels aux principes de gestion
Aide à l’analyse contractuelle et à la gestion des litiges
45.32706, 14.44218
Nous recherchons un(e) Contrôleur Financier en V.I.E pour renforcer nos équipes, dans le cadre de la construction des phases 2B2-1, 2B2-2&3 des autoroutes d’Istrie pour un CA de 205M EUR. Ces phases comprennent un tunnel de 6km, un viaduc de 1,5 km de long, un viaduc avec piles de 100 mètres de haut et 12 km d’autoroutes. Le poste est localisé en Croatie à proximité de la ville de Rijeka jusqu’en 08/2024, puis sera localisé à Kanfanar.
Au sein de l’équipe gestion de l’opération et rapportant au DAF du projet, vos principales missions seront :
- Préparer et suivre les outils de reporting clients mensuellement,
- Participer à l’élaboration du contrôle budgétaire : suivi des engagements, affectation analytique, suivi du bilan Part Propre et Sous-Traitance,
- Participer à l’élaboration des points intermédiaires du chantier,
- Faire des études ponctuelles : analyse de risques, de rentabilité, de productivité…
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