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What’s the team like?
VSL is an international specialist construction company with a worldwide footprint. The team in our VSL Technologies Business Line in Bern/Switzerland serves VSL’s Profit Centers in operating with regard of VSL technologies. We are covering all VSL product portfolio including, Structural bearing, Ground anchor, Post-tensioning System, stay cable system and all equipment related to. The scope of the activity covers the full product life from Research and Development to the handover to the owner going through the necessary marketing and support action to our site team and subsidiaries.
We strongly believe in preserving our built environment to reduce the carbon footprint of the infrastructure sector and we see innovative engineering and high-quality execution as the key to that. Together, we work in a multidisciplinary environment to improve our technologies and develop new, optimized and differentiating solutions. Our engineering teams combine civil, structural, mechanical and data science skills. We operate with multinational teams and aim to strongly advance gender diversity.
WankdorfAllee 5, 3014 Bern, Suisse