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Pioneer Spirit

Being ahead of time, anticipating expectations, making things possible. Example in the United Kingdom at our Hinkley Point site



Give trust, and trust: to work well together, we need to trust, delegate, and empower.

This is what our teams do every day



Getting straight to the point, being grounded in reality, being effective...

Simplicity at Bouygues Construction means acting and communicating simply: in a complex world, we aim to simplify and make everyone's life easier.



Co-building, being supportive, transmitting knowledge...

The culture of cooperation at Bouygues Construction is about collaborating, sharing, and contributing. Our strength lies in our ability to mobilize, complement each other, and support one another.


“My firm is Responsible and Involved and acts in Solidarity with the territories.”


The Bouygues Construction Foundation focuses its missions on education and knowledge transmission. To embody our new positioning, the Foundation commits to 2 emblematic partners, Les Ecoles de Production and IECD-European Institute for Cooperation and Development.


“My company is both Convivial and Dynamic.”

Bouygues Construction is a company where there is life, energy, and which encourages individual initiatives. Discover the Innocup call for projects, the 9th edition of which took place in 2023!

Inno’Cup is an emblematic event that cultivates the creative spirit of employees, stimulates innovations with high added value by rewarding and developing the best of them.

Congratulations to all our employees and to the winners for their ideas and commitment!