You hold all the aces for choosing your kind of employer, be it for its ambitious projects, its sincerity of the values, or its capacity to make the future a top priority. Why not try the Bouygues Construction experience?

93 %

of our staff recommend the Bouygues Construction experience to people close to them  

97 %

of our staff say they’re proud to work for Bouygues Construction  

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Several staff members from our subsidiaries across the world, each with their own personality, culture and career, have committed themselves to helping you.

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“My firm is Expert at Rising to technical and human challenges”

Bouygues Construction is a community of experts who imagine, design and build exceptional technical structures all over the world

Read what was said by Benjamin, Directeur du Développement (France).

“My firm Cares about the safety and wellbeing of its staff”

Our staff’s safety and wellbeing are priorities at Bouygues Construction. We’re convinced this boosts our performance. 

Read what was said by Sophie, Health and Safety Prevention Director of Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-De-France (France).

“My company is both International and Multicultural”

Our teams include more than 80 nationalities and are present in 60 countries. They add to our multicultural nature

Read what was said by Christelle, Expert in Sustainable Construction (France).

“My firm makes me Proud”

Whether it’s because of our iconic projects, career possibilities or societal commitments,... Everyone has a reason to be proud to work for Bouygues Construction!

Read what was said by William, Construction Engineer (France).

“My firm Innovates and looks to the future”

Bouygues Construction is a company that strives to make innovation a hallmark of all its projects, as well as its managerial culture and entrepreneurial spirit.

Read what was said by Anais, CSR Project Manager (France).

“My firm believes in its employees and encourages each one to take control of their career.”

Bouygues Construction empowers its staff and accompanies them in both their personal and career development. Through a dynamic, incentive-based mobility policy, we encourage each employee to take control of their career.

Read what was said by Claire, Sustainable Development Manager (France).

“My firm is Responsible and Involved and acts in Solidarity with the territories.”

Because our projects come alive and integrate into the existing ecosystem, we strive to become involved at local level, wherever our business is being developed.

Read what was said by Stéphane, HRD Bouygues Energy & Services (France).

“There’s a Family spirit in my company.”

If Bouygues Construction is the leading CAC 40 firm in terms of employees holding shares, it’s because our family name and spirit have always been present. 

Read what was said by Cherry Chui Ling, Engineer (Hong Kong).

“My company takes care of my training on a daily basis.”

BYCN has always made mentoring and the transmission of knowledge an essential component of its company culture.

Read what was said by Messias, Compagnon du Savoir Boiseur (France).

“My company is both Convivial and Dynamic.”

BYCN is a lively, energetic company which encourages individual initiatives.

Read what was said by Morgane, In charge of intrapreneurship (France).

“Everyone has their place in my company.”

Because every employee is, first and foremost, a human being, Bouygues Construction encourages personal initiatives and welcomes all talents (clubs, reservists, fire-fighters, high-level athletes, elected representatives, ...). Our staff can only benefit from such a diversity of personalities, career paths and experiences.

Read what was said by Aude, Head of Real Estate Programs (France).

These assets make Bouygues Construction:

A Responsible Employer, Committed to:

  • Its Employees, guaranteeing equal opportunities, allowing all talents to express themselves, adapting working methods and structures, and empowering individuals to steer their own career,

  • Its clients, simplifying the daily life of future users by designing and deploying innovative, sustainable solutions,

  • Everyone, behaving in an ethically correct manner, taking social, societal and environmental issues into account, being civically engaged, helping people to live and work together, getting involved locally and openly encouraging and adopting eco-friendly practices.