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22 May 2024

Bouygues will be at the Vivatech even in Paris from 22nd to...

In 2023, Bouygues Construction and its subsidiaries trained 1,300 work-study students and 750 interns in France. We recruit all types of profiles from vocational degree or apprenticeships to Master degree students. We recruit in the building and civil engineering sectors, of course, but also in management, finance, purchasing, human resources, etc. Above all, we value your personality and your desire to learn! More than half of our work-study students and trainees have been hired by us following their studies.

Our Graduate Programs are permanent contract opportunities for young graduates to discover different professions through tailor-made programmes. You will be immersed in a variety of assignments lasting several months, and will have access to personalised training and support. More than 50 Graduate Programs started worldwide in 2023.

In 2023, 80 young people had the opportunity to gain experience abroad through the VIE (Internationale Volunteering Program) scheme in one of our subsidiaries: Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Greece, etc. The majority of these positions are in finance, management control and project management. To find out more, visit the Business France website: https://mon-vie-via.businessfrance.fr/qu-est-ce-que-le-volontariat-international


Our block release trainees, interns, volunteers and new recruits describe their experiences!

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Need advice to prepare?

A tailored CV: 6 tips to stand out from the crowd

Your CV is your marketing tool, to “sell yourself” to the recruitment officer and highlight your profile.

  1. Adapt your CV to the vacancy description by including its key words
  2. Personalise your CV with an appropriate title
  3. Use an opening line that lists 3 of your strong points
  4. List your work experience (internships, block release training, experience in companies/associations, etc.)
  5. List your qualifications and ongoing training
  6. Give thought to the layout  

How to introduce yourself in 5 minutes at a job interview ?

Preparation and practice are the keys to success.

  1. Get everything ready the day before the interview (printed CV, attire, access map, etc.)
  2. Be positive, cheerful, and concise.
  3. Highlight your best achievements
  4. Mention your qualities (or what people say about you), your preferences and interests
  5. Show your motivation and interest for the position and for the company
  6. Don’t repeat what’s on your CV and avoid going into too much detail unless asked to do so.
  7. Show listening skills and pick up on what the person you speak to is saying. Also ask questions. Remember : It is a time for discussions !