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A look at our specialisations

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  • Innovation Coordinator M/F

    My role is to improve the working conditions of employees.

    What I appreciate most is the proximity to what is going on on site!

    Jérémy, Innovation Coordinator

  • Draughtsperson and Designer M/F

    I wanted to be a Designer from the age of sixteen when I started drawing plans for single-family homes in Mauritius, my native island.

    A Designer is a key player in designing and implementing ...

    Jaydrath, Draughtsperson / Designer

  • Technical Design Engineer M/F

    What do I like about my job? It’s the technical aspect and size of the projects.

    The transport infrastructure sector allows me to work on very large and exciting projects which take only 3-4 years ...

    Xavier, Survey Manager

  • Cost Engineer M/F

    I was looking for a job which would allow me to have a comprehensive view of construction. And this one does!

    We study very varied construction projects in terms of size, technology and challenges ...

    Ghizlane, Major Works Cost Engineer

  • Methodology Engineer M/F

    I like both the technical and interpersonal aspects of my job.

    A Methodology Engineer is the link between the commercial research and the execution by the construction teams.

    Our role is ...

    Marina, Methodology Engineer


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