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A look at our specialisations

Brücke Hong Kong
  • Construction Manager M/F

    Our job is real action! There is nothing when we arrive, but by the time we leave, a new building has been erected and is ready to be lived in. I’m happy to see my workmates every morning and each day ...

    Cristian, Construction manager

  • Project Manager FTTH H / F

    The financial management and management of the team are essential to carry out the projects (costs, deadlines, quality).

    Caroline, FTTH Project Manager

  • Construction Site Supervisor M/F

    When we are given a construction site, we become a sort of ‘company director’.

    You have to be reactive and able to anticipate problems and manage the unexpected. With each new site, we contribute ...

    Cindy, Construction Engineer

  • Energy Site Supervisor M/F

    Being a Construction Engineer is a multi-faceted job which incorporates technology, business, management and team management. This all makes me feel useful with the pleasant impression of working in ...

    Nawfel, Construction Engineer

  • Public Works Site Supervisor M/F

    My role allows me to dream and create dreams: technical challenges, breaking records... and building, it’s all about leaving your mark!

    I feel useful when we have created a bridge or motorway which ...

    Coralie, Construction Engineer

  • Formworker M/F

    I enjoy my job and working on construction sites. You have to like working in a group to be a Formworker - I wouldn’t like being on my own!

    I have autonomy, I am responsible for my formwork and I ...

    Eric, Formworker

  • Surveyor and Topographer M/F

    It is often said that a construction site starts with earthworks.

    However, I think earthwork begins with topography! Everything starts with a project on a plan that must then be transposed into ...

    Christian, surveyor and Topographer

  • High and Low Voltage Fitter M/F

    I have chosen this job because electricity is an area which is constantly evolving. I am very interested in new technology and new devices.

    What is also stimulating is to see all the stages of ...

    Damien, Electrical Fitter

  • Network Fitter M/F

    When I was small and there were power cuts, I realised very quickly that not much can be done without electricity.

    Electricity is a useful profession and a profession of the future.

    I enjoy ...

    Clément, Network Fitter