What is the main role? To create construction sites under optimal conditions.


Key activities

Depending on the size and complexity of the operation, you are the principal contact for the customer, management and subcontractors for the whole construction site (small operations) or a designated plot (Major Works, Architectural Bodies, Technical Bodies, Roads and Other Urban Infrastructures) for larger operations.

Your key tasks are as follows:

  • To implement the contracts obtained by the company under the best conditions of time, quality, safety and cost,
  • To coordinate the various stakeholders and ensure the monitoring of one or more bodies,
  • To participate in construction site meetings and the management of the relationship with customers and subcontractors.

Your tasks will change as the construction site progresses. You may also take part in the upstream phase (installation of logistics at the site, definition of operating procedures, consultation of suppliers), during the construction phase (management and coordination of the work, budget control) and during the delivery phase (punch list, transfer of the file to the after-sales service team).



You hold a Master's degree and you are passionate about construction and want to work at the heart of production. Your interpersonal skills, sense of engagement and tenacity are all qualities required to become part of a Construction team and participate in the realisation of exciting projects.

conducteur de travaux

Cindy, Construction Engineer

When we are given a construction site, we become a sort of ‘company director’. 

You have to be reactive and able to anticipate problems and manage the unexpected. With each new site, we contribute to the improvement of our living environment. We build the places in which we will live. 

It's nice to see these buildings come alive after all these months of work!