What is the main role? To cost operations in order to build attractive and efficient offers.


Key activities

As part of a consultation and in close collaboration with the Sales and Technical teams, you study projects in order to optimise and make the cost of constructions more reliable.

Depending on your profile, you main tasks are as follows:

  • To carry out a complete study or a study of a specific plot in a project based on the descriptive plans in the preliminary plans
  • To carry out the analysis, cost and calculation of a project
  • To organise occasional consultations with subcontractors and suppliers
  • To propose technical and economic variants with a view to cost optimisation
  • To monitor how new products perform

You support the Sales Manager or the Business Manager in the negotiation process and help him/her to build a complete and efficient offer. After the contract has been signed, you prepare the file for the Construction team.



You hold a Master's degree (Bac +5) and have sound analytical and overview skills. Your inquisitiveness, critical thinking skills and eye for detail are important attributes for working on the costing of our operations.

Ghizlane, Major Works Cost Engineer

I was looking for a job which would allow me to have a comprehensive view of construction. And this one does! 

We study very varied construction projects in terms of size, technology and challenges. I go from a factory, to housing, to offices or even to a high-rise block in the context of different calls for tenders, design and the implementation or public-private partnerships. 

All this makes my day-to-day work very varied.

Suzon, Major Works Cost Engineer

3 words to describe my job? 

  • Teamwork
  • The right price
  • Meticulousness