What is the main role? To manage all aspects of real estate activity (technical, legal, commercial, financial) from the filing of the building permit to the building’s completion. The Housing Project Manager ensures customer satisfaction, respect for deadlines, costs and project quality.


Key activities

Responsibilities and activities can vary according to the sector and size of the host structure. You will mainly be required to:

  • Consolidate and finalise commercial partnerships initiated by the housing development manager
  • Finalise the project’s functional and technical planning in accordance with the customer's expectations and requirements. To achieve this, you must:
    • Ensure the operation report
    • Determine the legal structure of the operation
    • Manage external partners (architects, design offices, inspection offices, etc.)
    • Carry out building permit applications, other urban planning authorisations and follow their instructions
    • Finalise contracts: deeds, sales plans, purchasing notice, etc.


You must mainly have:

  • Good knowledge of the world of real estate and construction
  • A good technical work knowledge base
  • Project management skills
  • An ability to manage a variety of stakeholders

Your interpersonal skills and your ability to adapt will be two useful assets for meeting the challenges you will face.

We are looking for candidates from higher education, BAC+5, engineering schools, business schools, universities or schools specialising in real estate. A specialism in property development would be an advantage.

Yoline, Deputy Project Manager

To successfully manage projects (costs, deadlines, quality), you need to be dynamic and creative so you can adapt to customers and unforeseen events. You also need good negotiation and contract management skills.