What is the main role? To design and implement applications and support employees in the use of business IT applications.


Key activities

You are the principal contact for users of the company's workstations and you work with infrastructure, file, database and application servers.

Your key tasks are as follows:

  • to help project managers
  • to research and manage application projects
  • to carry out assessment tasks in fields related to architecture and infrastructure (systems, networks, telecoms and security)
  • to study and manage technical architectures and infrastructure projects (systems, networks, telecoms and security)


You hold a degree in IT and enjoy working in a vibrant environment which is constantly changing. You have a particular interest in new technology. You are reactive, independent and meticulous and come up with new ideas. You also have a good sense of the customer, and good interpersonal and analytical skills.


Cédric, IT Coordinator

What is rewarding is to be recognised as a consultant and expert and to provide innovative solutions that contribute to the company's success.

What is the key skill? Multitasking so that you can juggle a wide variety of projects.

What keeps me going? Daily contact and discussions with all the employees involved!