What is the main role? To know our market and customers better.


Key activities

In conjunction with the sales departments, you are responsible for qualitative and quantitative studies of the market in which you operate as well as for competitive intelligence.

Your key tasks are as follows:

  • Monitor market developments and trends
  • Identify key players in the market and their potential
  • Be a real support for sales representatives in the preparation of offers and commercial prospecting
  • Create a strategy for designing a winning and distinctive offer based on feedback


You have a Master 2 specialising in Marketing and are meticulous, inquisitive, independent and skilled at making contacts. Your analytical and overview skills are real qualities for success in this role.

Thomas, Innovation & Marketing Manager

Marketing is all about variety!

Variety in tasks, variety in the people you deal with internally and externally, variety in the issues dealt with in relation to current events and the social, economic and financial environment, etc.

To sum up, it is a daily challenge which requires creativity, innovation and independence - and I really like that!