What is the main role? To carry out studies and implementation methods so that the project becomes a reality!


Key activities

Within the Technical Department, you carry out methodological studies on Building or Public Works projects, seeking to limit as much as possible the environmental impact of the site and the disturbance for local residents.

Depending on your profile, you main tasks are as follows:

  • To set up execution schedules, operating methods and scheduling stages on the site.
  • To participate in technical and economic studies of the various construction solutions for the structure.
  • To carry out surveys of on site facilities, lifting equipment and materials.
  • To design or study specific equipment, consult suppliers and monitor equipment manufacturers.

Once construction work begins, you support the Construction teams and finalise, on site, construction methods.



You hold a Master's degree (Bac +5) and have very sound computer skills and technical knowledge (CAD tools and planning software).

 Your meticulousness, organisational skills and creativity will allow you to come up with new ideas and to carry out your projects successfully in collaboration with the Technical and Construction teams.  

Marina, Methodology Engineer M/F

I like both the technical and interpersonal aspects of my job.

A Methodology Engineer is the link between the commercial research and the execution by the construction teams. 

Our role is twofold: to ensure that the construction is built under the best conditions, while optimising the allocated budget in order to enable the construction teams to do their very best.