What is the main role? Pilot the deployment of optical fiber.


Key activities

Depending on the sector and the size of the host organization, responsibilities and activities may vary, mainly due to:

  • Be prime contractor for network deployment operations
  • Analyze the structure of an existing network until validating the deployment project
  • Develop the plan that defines the activities of the entire project team and the precise framework in which they fit (budget, deadlines, content, quality ...)
  • Coordinate the operations produced by the various stakeholders and evaluate the progress of the project by making adjustments if necessary
  • Guarantee the quality of the final product


You must mainly have:

  • Relational ease to animate and manage a team
  • An ability to argue convincingly
  • An ability to anticipate and be responsive to make choices and make decisions

You must also be creative, inventive, rigorous.

Finally, you must have a degree of Bac +5 with a degree in networks engineering. A Master 2 Network also provides access to a deployment project manager position.

Caroline, FTTH Project Manager

The financial management and management of the team are essential to carry out the projects (costs, deadlines, quality).