What is the main role? To create construction sites under optimal conditions.


Key activities

You are the principal contact for the customer, management and subcontractors on your construction site or plot for which you have responsibility. You work in the Public Works sector, in France or abroad, within the framework of various operations (engineering structures, road and rail infrastructures, civil engineering, underground networks, dams, ports) with a strong technical dimension.

Your key tasks are as follows:

  • To ensure the proper execution of the contract and its specifications (technical, architectural, etc.).
  • To ensure the financial profitability of the operation in compliance with safety, quality and deadline requirements, and to come up with new ideas to optimise the work carried out under your responsibility.
  • To coordinate the various parties involved on site and ensure, depending on the size of the site, the relationship with the client and the various stakeholders.

Your tasks will change according to the size, progress and technical nature of the site. You may also participate in the upstream phase (installation of logistics at the site, definition of operating procedures, consultation of suppliers), during the construction phase (management and coordination of the work, compliance with health and safety regulations, budgetary control, etc.) and during the delivery phase (punch list, etc.).



You hold a Master's degree and you are passionate about the technical nature of our operations and want to work in the heart of production. You are available and flexible, and know how to combine on a daily basis the rigour and interpersonal skills necessary to become a key part of a Construction team.

Conducteur travaux TP

Coralie, Construction Engineer

My role allows me to dream and create dreams: technical challenges, breaking records... and building, it’s all about leaving your mark!

I feel useful when we have created a bridge or motorway which reduces the travelling time for users and facilitates the economical development of a region.

In Construction, I have the opportunity to have variety and become more independent on different projects. Each time it is something different!