What is the main role? To situate buildings in their environment.


Key activities

You are in charge of monitoring one or more sites and work in close collaboration with the Construction team.  

You carry out the preparatory work for development and construction projects. You carry out ground surveys to enable the installation of various structures (transport infrastructures, civil engineering structures, sewerage networks, earthworks) in France and abroad.

Your key tasks are as follows:

  • to manage geodetic operations (surveying, land surveying, planimetry and altimetry)
  • to locate, from the land register, intervention areas and take a survey of the characteristic points on the ground
  • to draw up site plans and then implement the works in the field
  • to check the conformity of the work carried out and complete the final surveys of the work carried out


You are a trained surveyor and topographer and have sound analytical, overview and writing skills. You are independent and flexible.


Christian, Surveyor and Topographer

It is often said that a construction site starts with earthworks. 

However, I think earthwork begins with topography! Everything starts with a project on a plan that must then be transposed into the field and monitored until its completion. You are fully involved in life at the construction site and the Construction teams are confident that you can deal with any technical difficulties encountered.