What is the main role? To ensure that sustainable development is at the heart of the company’s operations.


Key activities You will coordinate the implementation of your entity's sustainable development/CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach to ensure that all elements are integrated into the business model and contribute to overall performance.

Your main tasks are as follows:

Implementing the CSR approach in your entity by helping to define the strategy and the associated indicators and targets Involve, raise awareness and lead all in-house teams so that they incorporate new product design and production methods (carbon footprint, life cycle analysis, etc.) and CSR requirements into their operating methods. Organising regulatory and competitive intelligence, drawing on external benchmarks and industry best practice to inform strategic thinking Enhance commercial offerings and build a positioning that sets them apart from the competition Organise the company's non-financial reporting to highlight the steps taken and the results obtained



You hold a Master degree in QSE (quality, safety, environment) and have technical knowledge and skills (including normative and methodological skills) directly related to the concept of Sustainable Development. 

You are pragmatic and meticulous, and have a comprehensive overview of the company and strategic issues at the level of Sustainable Development. Your listening skills, leadership skills and keen sense of service enable you to bring together all the players in the company around these inter-disciplinary areas.

Developpement durable

Thierry, Environnemental and Eco-Conception Director

Our challenge is to find the way to go from a traditional business to a" Post Carbon "company. It is necessary to develop more and more the rehabilitation and the renovation, to choose the materials according to their technical, environmental and economic performances and this from the conception of the works.