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What’s the team like?
VSL is an international specialist construction company with a worldwide footprint. The team in our Technical Centre in Bern/Switzerland is mainly focused on providing support and technical competence to our business developers, our site engineers and to offer a strong added value to our customers. We strongly believe in preserving our built environment to reduce the carbon footprint of the infrastructure sector and we see innovative engineering and high-quality execution as the key to that. Together, we work in a multidisciplinary environment to improve our technologies and develop new, optimized and differentiating solutions. Our engineering teams combine civil, structural, mechanical and data science skills. We operate with multinational teams and aim to strongly advance gender diversity.
How will you make an impact?
By immersing yourself in our Technical Center in Switzerland, you'll have the opportunity to explore our activities in design, or methods, or stay-cable technology, making a tangible impact on future projects.

Actively contributing to real-world projects and gaining practical experience in your chosen area of focus
Preparation of calculation note and design reports, method documents (method statement, kinematics, general arrangement…)

By participating and following in the development of various projects in the interested areas, such as post-tensioning structures for buildings and bridges, as well as construction engineering including methods
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Bouygues Travaux Publics is seeking a VIE to work for a new metro line 430 metres long, 20 metres wide and 25 metres deep. The station is being built using the "Top Down" construction method, incorporating diaphragm walls and permanent slabs. The project also includes the construction of two 7-metre diameter, 770-metre long tunnels. Other key structures in the project include a launch shaft, an auxiliary building and a connection to the existing Tung Chung station. The project is characterised by its location in a public/residential area and faces the challenge of variable geology, including sections that require underwater tunnelling, which adds complexity to the engineering and construction efforts.

Your missions will be :
1) Facilitating communication and coordination with Design Consultants to ensure that all design aspects are aligned with the project's goals and comply with regulatory requirements.
2) Collaborating closely with other technical teams (Methods, Geotechnical, Programme, Risks) to ensure a holistic approach to the project's technical challenges and opportunities.
3) Engaging with the Production team and Specialist Subcontractors to ensure that designs are practically implementable and meet the project's quality and performance criteria.
4) Managing the lifecycle of Design Submissions, from initial submission through Responses to Comments and ultimately securing necessary Approvals.
5) Handling Field Change Requests related to design, assessing their impact on the project's schedule, cost, and quality, and implementing appropriate adjustments.
6) The role offers a career progression opportunity, with a potential transition to the Methods team after gaining sufficient experience and demonstrating competency in the initial role.
Hong Kong
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Bouygues Travaux Publics is seeking an intern to work on Phase 1 of the Northern Line Extension (NOL) which includes the design and construction of Kwu Tung Station (KTU) on the Lok Ma Chau Spur line. Managed by MTR with advice from Arup, this challenging project involves working above and within the existing control and communication structure of an operational railway, using a depressurisation drainage system to manage fully submerged conditions. With a budget of around HK$2 billion, the project has progressed through several stages of early contractor involvement.
1/ Participate in the Geotechnical and Monitoring works for the excavation of Kwu Tong MTRC station.
2/ Follow up the site excavation of the station and compliance with design submission.
3/ Coordinate with client and client representative on the Ground formation/station deformation during excavation works.
Hong Kong
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