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Chilly Mazarin
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In your role, you'll be assisting both the Corporate Venture Capital fund and the Strategy Intelligence team.

This apprenticeship will allow you to grow in demanding activities by analyzing market trends, identifying investment opportunities with startups across various European countries, and building strategic reports to support the decision-making of top Management at Bouygues Construction.

Construction Venture, the Corporate Venture Capital arm of Bouygues Construction, invests in early-stage startups with the goal of fostering strategic partnerships that effectively address both present and future business challenges.

Your contributions may include:
Analysing market trends and dynamics in the startup environment relevant to our investment thesis across different global regions

Attending meetings with startups to screen potential investments

Preparing investment memos for review by Head of CVC and Investment Review Committee

Developing the internal and external network of Construction Venture for the success of the fund and its portfolio companies

Participating in the deployment of the new Construction Venture strategy, including communication strategy and representation at industry events

Strategic Intelligence Department aims to support and inform the strategic decision-making of Bouygues Construction’s top management through market analysis and competitive intelligence. Your contributions may include:
Ensuring competitive and strategic monitoring activities for the Bouygues Construction group:Monitoring markets and key competitors’ performances across Europe, Asia, and USA

Accompanying multi-layered market research and competitive intelligence analysis:Conducting benchmarking to assess the performance of major players and to monitor shifts in the competitive landscape and industry standards
Ad hoc strategic analysis (e.g.: trends in the construction industry, financial performance analysis, strategic development in specific countries, etc.)
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