Engineer / Works supervisor (energy) M/F

Engineer / Works supervisor (energy) M/F

Carries out contracts under optimal conditions.

Léonard, site engineer
Being a site engineer, I have a multi-faceted profession – technical, commercial, managing budgets and managing people. This is what gives me the feeling that I’m doing useful work and the pleasant impression of having several different jobs.
As part of site team, there is real commitment which beings a high level of motivation. The human side is crucial. I like reaching out to people and learning to cultivate a spirit of respect and complicity in my team.

Under the responsibility of your Works Centre manager, you are in charge of managing and carrying out one or several projects (street lighting, external utility services networks, electrical and thermal engineering, facilities management). You generally work in partnership with the site manager.

Your main duties

  • Prepare les personnel and material resources
  • Appoint suppliers and subcontractors
  • Supervise the carrying out of the contract on sites for which you are responsible
  • Assurer the financial management of your projects
  • Manage works teams and guarantee that safety rules are respected on-site
  • Manage the contract avec le client (modifications and claims)

Your future path

Contract manager, Works Centre manager, Branch manager

Possible transfer to careers in Engineering Studies, Sales or QSE.

Your profile

You have an engineering school training or a Masters level degree. Your interpersonal skills, commercial sense and managerial skills will ensure that you are successful in this post and can then be promoted to take on further responsibilities!