Plant operator M/F

Construction - Qualified craftsman & workmanship
Plant operator M/F
Construction - Qualified craftsman & workmanship

Moves heavy loads using site machines.

Ludovic, plant operator
Driving tractors on farms when I was young made me want to drive big earthmovers on civil engineering sites. It was a childhood dream! My job consists in sculpting the land, and the part I like best is putting the finish touches. No two days are alike for me – I create planted banks, perform bulk earthworks and dig drains and ditches... I’m always very proud whenever I see projects I have worked on, and when I see them again ten years later!

Your main duties

You work on civil engineering projects sites, performing earthworks in preparation for the creation of embankments or levelling.
Depending on the level of safety certification you hold, you will be called on to operate a variety  of heavy plant on tracks or wheels, such as bulldozers, diggers, dumpers, graders, etc.
You are fully proficient with respect to safety rules: you have an eye for distances, reliefs, the nature of the land, etc. and you are always focused on the safety of people on the site.

Your future path

Operator of other categories of site machines, Crane driver, Foreman.

Your profile

You have a vocational qualification as a plant operator and/or are safety certified as an operator, you are good at thinking ahead, you have quick reflexes that let you react to any situation, and safety is always your top priority.