#AreYouINnovative ?

#AreYouINnovative ?

Alexandre gets his inspiration from Elon Musk to improve his daily life, at work and at home. Meet him here! 

Being innovative means bringing something new, being creative every day and bringing little solutions to make life easier.

I studied sciences at high school in Toulouse, then I went to Supelec. I spent my third year at Stockholm University. I chose Supelec because I was interested in studying energy.

I specialized in energy because it is the future. It’s a sector where you have to innovate so as to produce and store new sources of energy to meet future needs. 

I recently read the biography of Elon Musk who founded Tesla. I think he’s a real innovator. When he started out, no-one believed in him. After a few years, everyone now agrees he’s a success.

I can innovate in my job : I am working on the Alizé project : charging terminals for electric vehicles. We’re setting up a supervision platform which monitors in real time our terminals. There is also a customer aspect to it, because we are developing a website and a smartphone app which lets users charge via the terminals.

I’m INnovative, and I work for Bouygues Construction.