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The Lower Thames Crossing is a design and build project recently awarded to a joint venture between Bouygues TP (lead contractor) and J. Murphy & Sons. It is a major UK road infrastructure project consisting of a motorway linking Kent and Essex, east of London, with twin 4.2 km long tunnels under the River Thames. The start date for phase 1 of the project is 5 January 2024. Stage 1 consists of the preparation and submission of deliverables (technical, commercial, environmental, safety, programme, etc.) and value engineering.
Key responsabilities :

• Get a good knowledge of the Project and technical solutions developed during previous stages.
• Evaluates alternative solutions to determine if they are more effective than current methods.
• Carries out value engineering; understands the financial and client implications and constantly strives to add value to our projects.
• Development of construction methods, construction sequence
• Development of site installation in accordance with the construction sequence
• Initiates 3D modelling to develop methods, clarify issues and resolve method related problems.
• Liaise with project teams and in-house experts with respect to their design requirements.
• Coordinate design work with external design consultants
• Ensure technical issues are resolved in a timely manner in accordance with company procedures
• Is instrumental in finding alternative solutions to existing methods and practices to improve productivity, quality or safety helping to create best practice
• Able to use design tools to optimise design solution.
Health, Safety, Wellbeing & Environment:
• Demonstrates an awareness of the HSW policy and procedures.
• Prioritize safety aspects during development of construction methods
• Knows the alignment of HSW objectives of the project with overall group targets.
• Understands the legal, moral and financial implications of inadequate HSW management.
• Have a clear understanding of the carbon commitments for the Project and at Group level.
• Include carbon aspects in each of the technical solutions definition.
Project Management
• Understands the project management principles and methodologies and puts these into practice appropriately for scale and complexity of project.
• Demonstrates an ability to work in a methodical and regulated way to planning and executing the project using appropriate controls.
• Ensures on-going communication and reporting with the manager and team.
• Delivers the agreed outcomes ensuring the project is managed to budget and time frames.
• Demonstrates an understanding of commercial, procurement and supply chain management.
• Understands and takes into account project constraints linked to impact of the Works on the stakeholders and nearby communities.
• Understands business and investment drivers for projects.
• Able to identify how the capabilities of different people may be suited to different activities.
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Bouygues Travaux Publics is looking for a VIE to work on the T2 Trunk Road Project.
The main scope of the T2 Project includes the construction of a 3.4km dual two-lane trunk road, ventilation buildings, electrical and mechanical services, and other associated works.
The construction is a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) excavation, cut-and-cover, drill-and-break, drill-and-blast methods.
Your responsibilities during the assignment will be :
- Collaborate with project managers and engineers to understand project objectives, specifications, and constraints.
- Conduct thorough analysis of project requirements, including site conditions, available resources, and environmental factors.
- Develop and propose innovative technical methods and engineering strategies to optimize project execution and achieve project goals.
- Create detailed technical plans, methodologies, and work procedures for civil work projects, ensuring compliance with industry standards, regulations, and safety guidelines.
- Provide technical expertise and guidance to project teams during the planning, design, and execution phases of civil work projects.
- Collaborate with construction teams to evaluate and improve construction processes, equipment utilization, and material selection.
- Conduct feasibility studies and cost-benefit analyses for proposed technical methods, considering factors such as efficiency, safety, and sustainability.
- Identify and resolve technical issues, challenges, and bottlenecks that may arise during project execution.
- Monitor project progress and performance to ensure adherence to established technical methods and identify opportunities for improvement.
- Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in civil engineering techniques, construction materials, and technologies, and incorporate relevant innovations into project methodologies.
- Collaborate with other departments, contractors, and external stakeholders to ensure effective coordination and communication regarding technical methods and project requirements.
Hong Kong
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At Bouygues Construction Australia, we’re dedicated to the design, construction, finance and delivery of innovative projects across civil infrastructure, buildings and
energy & services.
As members of the Bouygues Construction group, a global network of more than 50,000 people working in over 80 countries, we’ve been working in Australia for more
than 25 years. We've delivered many successful projects to date, including the Sydney Airport Link (T2 Airport Line), NorthConnex or WestConnex 3A.
Bouygues Construction Australia, operating in the Cross Yarra Partnership (CYP) to deliver the Metro Tunnel Project in Melbourne, is currently looking for talented Planning Engineer to join our dynamic Planner team.
This project set to expand Melbourne’s rail network with design and construction of nine-kilometer twin tunnels and five new underground stations (including caverns and shafts: Arden, Parkville, CBD North, CBD South, Domain.
As a planning engineer in Bouygues Construction Australia, you will play a role in ensuring the success of the Melbourne Metro project.
Here are the key responsibilities that await you:
- Strategic Project Planning: ensure that the project is planned such that the time aspects of the project are controlled to optimize resource utilization and minimize
construction costs, all while keeping a keen eye on project timelines
- Coordination: Communicate the programs to the workforce level
- Project controls: develop, implement and maintain project control procedures to ensure the projects stays on track - for example tract actual productivities against planned
benchmarks to identify areas for improvement and optimization
- Reporting: Create insightful reports that provide valuable insight
- Contract compliance: understand and meet all contract requirements to uphold project integrity and contractual obligations
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Bouygues Travaux Publics, a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, specialises in public infrastructure works. Its areas of expertise are as follows:
- The construction of engineering structures;
- Linear infrastructure projects (road and rail);
- River and maritime works;
- Earthworks;
- Maintenance, renovation and repair of structures.
For several years now, our teams have been based in the UK to develop our activities there and to carry out the construction of two major projects in the country:
Your main responsibilities will be:

1) Management of CSDP (Semi-Direct Production Costs):
- Supervise a team of 2 colleagues.
- Oversee the expenses related to CRP BY UK, including payroll, accounting, and taxation.
- Maintain an efficient Cost Budget (CB) file.
2) Commercial Management:
- Supervise a section with fewer than 10 team members.
- Handle expenses from the Technical Department (DT) and some third-party expenses.
- Monitor costs of ongoing bids.
- Maintain an efficient CB file.
3) Internal Account Management:
- Allocate expenses across different Internal Accounts (CIs), notably payroll, expense reports, vehicles, and IT expenses.
- Generate monthly cost-based invoicing to Joint Ventures (JVs).
- Participate in monthly closures by verifying expenditure completeness.
- Maintain an efficient closure file.
- Update and monitor monthly budget control for the internal accounts of 2 ongoing projects.
- Verify the completeness of expenses and revenue.
4) Sizewell Management:
- Provide engineers from the DT for the study phase.
- Establish monthly billing to the client.
- Create and communicate billing forecasts to the client.
- Update billing rates twice a year during remuneration reviews.
- Create and communicate monthly time tracking files to the client.
5) Nature of Tasks:
- Management of internal account invoice discrepancies using SAP ERP.
- Participation in monthly closures.
- Preparation of overall branch forecasts three times a year (Actual1, Actual2, and Plan).
6) Client Audit:
- Respond to client auditors' inquiries regarding the 2 ongoing projects.
- Produce justifications and provide explanations.
- Manage a significant increase in requests and their frequency to justify the amounts billed to JVs.
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