The advantages of a major group

As an employee of Bouygues Construction, you will benefit from a dynamic remunerations policy made up of both individual and collective elements, as well as a benefits package.

Individual remuneration

Basic remuneration is individualised, and genuinely reflects the skills of our employees. Our salary policy is reviewed each year, and is based on three criteria of appreciation:

  • your performance,
  • your professionalism,
  • your potential.

Depending on the tasks you perform and your responsibilities, a certain number of additional aspects may be factored in, such as travel allowances, bonuses marking the completion of a contract, a company car, etc.

When you are hired, all the elements relating to your contract and your salary are formally set down in a personalised job offer which is submitted to your HR manager.

Collective remuneration

Beyond your salary, you will benefit from an attractive package of additional compensation.

Mandatory and optional profit-sharing schemes, which today are implemented in a large number of our entities, give you a stake in the Group’s annual profits.

Employee shareholding is also highly valued. Through the Corporate Savings Plan and the Supplementary Pensions Saving Scheme, you will benefit from highly advantageous employee savings instruments because of matching deposits made by the company. Today, more than 95% of our employees are shareholders in the Bouygues Group, which is the CAC 40 company with the biggest employee shareholding.

Employee welfare

You think a good social protection system is essential? You’re quite right, and it’s a central plank of our HR policy. Apart from our top-up health insurance scheme, you will benefit from a loss-of-earnings compensation scheme that will provide you and your loved ones with protection. There is also an employee assistance fund, a system specific to Bouygues Construction, that can make donations or loans to help employees in difficult situations.