Develop through internal mobility

Do you want to see new pastures and give your career a new lease of life, with all the support a major Group can give? Well, stop looking – you’ve found what you’re looking for!

Because of the wide variety of our projects and our presence on every continent, mobility forms an integral part of our culture.
The reasons may vary – a chance to take on broader responsibilities, to change profession, to make a geographical move, to switch from building to civil works or energy and services – but every year, more than 2,000 of our employees go on to the next stage of their career paths without needing to leave Bouygues Construction. So what’s holding you back?

Amazing opportunities

Our profession-based organization encourages meetings and encounters: you’ll find there are plenty of opportunities to develop your network, get to know our projects better, and seize opportunities when they arise. At the same time, you can use the Bouygues Group intranet to find out about job openings in all its subsidiaries throughout the world.

We’ll support you

Our mobility team is there to advise you, to help flesh out your career plan and to help you make contact with people inside the Group. Is a geographical move part of your next step? We have an organisation that will support you with both professional and personal issues.

Be an international volunteer!

Like around 100 young people every year, you could join our Works, Technical or Sales teams to experience a different life, taking part in one of our flagship international projects, such as the Cruise Terminal Building in Hong Kong, the Sports Hub in Singapore, the QP District in Qatar, the Port of Miami Tunnel in the United States, and many more.