Our offers

The wide variety of our professions illustrates the rich range of our businesses. As a global operator in building, civil works, energies and services, Bouygues Construction is involved in the entire value chain of projects, from design through to operation. We’re looking for skills of all types. There’s room at Bouygues Construction for every kind of know-how!


Bring the projects of tomorrow to life! The success of an operation starts a long way upstream, right from the design phase. Our sales, technical and finance teams are there to turn the desires, expectations and needs expressed and shared by our customers into reality.


Play your part at the very heart of production! Each construction site that we launch is a new technical and human adventure which succeeds because of the commitment, professionalism and team spirit of our site teams.


Support our customers and end-users as they discover their new living surroundings! When the construction is completed, our work goes on. Our Operation and Services teams take over, implementing efficient and innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers and end-users.


Finance, legal affairs, marketing, IT, human resources and many more professions have their place alongside out operational teams, providing them with all the expertise they may require and fully playing their part in the success of our projects!