Finishing mason M/F

Construction - Qualified craftsman & workmanship
Finishing mason M/F
Construction - Qualified craftsman & workmanship

Carries out finishing work on our sites.

Lyazid, finishing mason
I became a finishing mason because I like beautiful things. I enjoy doing renovations because we try to re-create beautiful buildings just as they used to be. When I work on a building I’m very proud, because everything is done just as I want. Sometimes when we do the plastering, people look at what we’ve done and they think it’s marble. There are sometimes even people who want to “tag” my walls because they’re so clean!

You perform the first finishing works after the main structural works as well as the last finishing touches immediately before handover.

Your routine work

  • Smoothing and finishing concrete and applying surface treatment products
  • Making passages in concrete
  • Restoring structures in concrete and making good to ensure conformity

Whatever tasks you are carrying out, you always apply all the safety and environment regulations in force on the site.

Your future path

Metal form setter, Formwork carpenter, Steel fixer, Tracer, Foreman, Site Manager.

Your profile

You have a vocational high-school qualification, you are extremely versatile, you like a job well done and you enjoy working outdoors. Come along and join our teams!