Looking for a position in Public Relations? Marketing? Finance? Legal? Taxation? HR? Health & Social? You’re in the right place! We welcome several new recruits every year. Discover our occupations and opportunities!

A look at our specialisations

Brücke Hong Kong
  • Financial Controller M/F

    It’s a job which involves contact and being open. You have to be close to what is happening on the ground to understand where the figures come from and give meaning to the financial data. What do I ...

    Julien, Financial Controller

  • Legal Expert M/F

    Every day is different because legal issues in the field of construction are remarkably diverse. Law is used in the company as a tool for the management of projects and you are actively involved at ...

    Arnaud, Legal Advisor

  • Marketing Manager M/F

    Marketing is all about variety!

    Variety in tasks, variety in the people you deal with internally and externally, variety in the issues dealt with in relation to current events and the social ...

    Thomas, Innovation & Marketing Manager

  • Human Resources Manager M/F

    By joining the HR teams at Bouygues Construction, you become part of a Group where HR is appreciated and seen as a real business partner both for its operational proximity and its ability to support ...

    Xavier, HR Manager

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